Clutton Parish Council

Clutton Parish Council

The Clutton Parish Council comprises several councillors & employs a part-time Clerk. We manage and fund a range of activities including maintenance of Parish Council owned common land and the playgrounds and the inspection and maintenance of trees.

We also review and comment on all planning applications within the parish; coordinate with Bath & NE Somerset Council on issues that affect the parish and help deal with local issues raised by parishioners.

You are welcome to contact your Parish Councillors about any local issue of concern. Their contact details can be found on the Your Councillors page. You may also contact Helen Richardson, the Parish Clerk, by email or post. You are invited to attend Parish Council meetings which are held at the village hall in Clutton. Prior to the start of each meeting there is always an opportunity for members of the public to make open submissions to raise any issues of concern they may have. Details about forthcoming meetings can be found on the Agenda page & the records of previous meeting can be found on the Minutes page.


In the referendum on Thurs 11th Sept the Clutton Neighbourhood Plan received an overwhelming endorsement from the people of Clutton.

By huge majority the people of Clutton voted YES to adopt the Clutton Neighbourhood Plan.

Rosemary Naish, Chair of Clutton Parish Council, said "The emphatic majority vote is far greater than we hoped for and demonstrates the strength of the Clutton Neighbourhood Plan which was drawn up by villagers for villagers on the basis of the stated wishes of the majority of Clutton residents".

Vic Adie, of the Steering Group, said "Clutton has always been a strong, forward looking village with a thriving and diverse community of people who, with this vote, can rightly be proud that they have united to protect the essential character of the rural village we love. We now have the power to put Clutton’s interests first for the next 20 years. There can be no doubt that this is a true reflection of the will and feeling of Clutton".

A total of 383 votes were cast, this being a turnout of 30.9%, with 367 "Yes" votes and just 16 "No" votes. A "Yes" majority of 95.8%.